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Horti Syfiori: The Solution for Biological Crop Protection

The Benefits of Horti Syfiori Biostimulants in Greenhouse Horticulture

Increased Yield and Quality

Biostimulants from Horti Syfiori have a proven track record in increasing both yield and quality of crops in greenhouse horticulture. By stimulating essential growth processes in plants, such as photosynthesis and nutrient uptake, growers can see a significant improvement in both quantity and quality of their products.

Improved Stress Resistance

One of the most valuable aspects of Horti Syfiori biostimulants is their ability to improve the stress resistance of plants. This is especially crucial in greenhouse horticulture, where plants are often exposed to various stressors such as heat, drought, and disease. By using biostimulants, growers can increase the resilience of their crops, making them more resistant to adverse conditions.

Environmentally friendly and Sustainable

Another advantage of Horti Syfiori biostimulants is that they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Compared to traditional fertilizers and chemicals, biostimulants cause fewer negative impacts on the environment and contribute to more sustainable agricultural practices. This not only makes them attractive to growers who strive for environmentally friendly methods, but also contributes to a more positive image of the greenhouse horticulture sector as a whole.

Increased Nutrient Absorption

By improving the nutrient uptake of plants, Horti Syfiori biostimulants play an essential role in optimizing the nutritional status of crops. This not only results in healthier plants, but can also lead to more efficient use of fertilizers, which in turn can reduce operating costs and benefit the environment by minimizing excess nutrients leaching into groundwater.

Secret of Horti Syfiori

The uniqueness of Horti Syfiori lies in its composition of natural ingredients that work synergistically to strengthen the resistance of plants and combat diseases. By using organic and integrated methods, the product minimizes environmental impact while improving crop quality and yield.

International Recognition

In 2022, Horti Syfiori obtained an international patent, testifying to its effectiveness and innovation. This has paved the way for gardeners around the world to benefit from this groundbreaking solution.


Overall, Horti Syfiori biostimulants offer a range of benefits to the greenhouse horticulture industry, including increased yield and quality, improved stress resistance, environmental friendliness and sustainability, as well as improved nutrient absorption. By reaping these benefits, growers can increase their productivity while contributing to more sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Horti Syfiori represents the future of greenhouse horticulture, in which natural and sustainable methods become the norm. With its proven effectiveness and international recognition, it is the ideal choice for gardeners who strive for healthy crops and a healthy environment. Make the switch to Horti Syfiori today and give your crops the protection they deserve.

Syfiori method

Making your company green

Here is a concept plan of approach for the green service to support growers in reducing the use of chemical substances and improving the quality of their crops using Horti Syfiori Biostimulants:

Situation analysis:

  • Research on current practices and use of chemical substances by growers.
  • Evaluation of the environmental impacts and the impact on crop quality.
  • Analysis of the requirements and standards of MPS and other relevant authorities.

Development of the plan:

  • Identification of suitable biostimulant products from Horti Syfiori that fit the needs of different crops and cultivation systems.
  • Establishment of guidelines for the integrated use of biostimulants in cultivation practices.
  • Implementation of a step-by-step plan to gradually reduce the use of chemical substances and replace them with biostimulants.

Training and education:

  • Organization of workshops and training sessions for growers on the benefits and applications of biostimulants.

  • Providing educational materials and manuals for the correct use of biostimulants.

  • Supporting the adjustment of cultivation methods and schedules to maximize the effectiveness of biostimulants.

Monitoring and evaluation:

  • Setting up a monitoring system to track the progress of the transition to biostimulants.
  • Periodic evaluation of crop quality and the ecological impact of the new cultivation practices.
  • Gathering feedback from growers to continuously improve the plan and adapt to changing needs.

Communication and promotion:

  • Creating awareness about the benefits of the green service and the use of biostimulants through various communication channels.
  • Publishing success stories and case studies to inspire other growers to participate in the green service.
  • Maintaining an online platform ( with information, updates, and support for interested growers.
  • By following this plan of approach, we aim to help growers get out of the danger zone with authorities such as MPS, while also reducing their use of chemical substances and improving the quality of their crops with the help of biostimulants from Horti Syfiori.

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Horti Syfiori productset

The Horti Syfiori product set consists of 3 bottles:

1 bottle of Horti Syfiori Master Mix

1 bottle of Horti Syfiori Master Calciumplus

1 bottle of Horti Syfiori Master Potassium Sulfate Plus

You use 1 liter set per 1000 liters of water per hectare.

For low crops, use 1 liter set per 1000 liters of water per hectare.

For tall crops, use 2 liter set per 2000 liters of water per hectare.

per literset 50 euro